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Integrated Event Ecosystem

An integrated event ecosystem is our holistic approach to event management, where every component from attendee registration and venue selection to engagement tools and post-event analytics is seamlessly connected through advanced technology platforms. This ecosystem leverages a suite of interconnected tools and software solutions that facilitate the flow of information and automate processes, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of event planning and execution. The key advantage of an integrated event ecosystem is its ability to provide a unified experience for both organizers and participants. It collects and utilizes data across various touch points, allowing event planners to gain insights into attendee behaviour, preferences, and engagement levels. This data-driven approach enables personalised experiences, targeted communications, and improved event outcomes. Ultimately, an integrated event ecosystem not only streamlines operational tasks but also enriches the event experience, turning each gathering into a dynamic, impactful, and memorable occasion.

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Expert event management services tailored to your needs. From concept to execution, we handle every detail seamlessly by our Unified Communication approach. Trust us to deliver unforgettable experiences that exceed expectations. Let's bring your vision to life.

All Pass App

Just like what OTT platform did to movies, All Pass is doing to conferences today, from building app to launching it on app stores, it just requires couple of hours.

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Agenda Maker

Scientific event managers work with organizing committees to develop comprehensive programs that encompass keynote speeches, panel discussions, poster sessions.

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Audio Visual Management

Offering cutting-edge performance and enriched capabilities to deliver immersive visual experiences.


Production refers to the planning, coordination, and execution of all technical and logistical aspects necessary to bring an event to life.


ProRegistration is a comprehensive integrated system designed to facilitate registration management both prior to the conference and on-site.

Attendee Resource

An integrated platform, Attendee Resources serves as your centralized hub for all event essentials. From certificates and e-badges to scientific programs, travel and accommodation details, and event pictures, access everything you need seamlessly in one place. Streamline your event experience and maintain seamless organization effortlessly.


ProWeb is a fictional or real web development that offers services such as website design, development, and maintenance.


ProMarketing, we specialise in crafting content-driven creatives tailored to your target audience. Our designs go beyond mere promotion, generating buzz around your event. Count on us to enhance your brand's visibility with impactful designs that make a lasting impression.


ProExhibition is your indispensable partner in orchestrating extraordinary exhibitions. From meticulously managing stall allocations to crafting captivating layouts, we ensure every detail is executed with precision and flair. With our innovative approach, we transform spaces into immersive experiences, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality.

Digital Signages

Digital signage is a versatile tool used for displaying dynamic content such as route information and advertisements.


ProTel offers a comprehensive solution for integrated accommodation management. Leveraging our expertise, we meticulously handle every aspect of lodging, from reservations to room allocations, ensuring an outstanding experience for both organizers and attendees. Additionally, we provide live reports on your guest check-in status, further enhancing the efficiency of your event planning.


Proplan is the mastermind behind seamless event conferences, guiding you from conception to beyond. With meticulous planning and precise timelines, we oversee every detail, from website development to app creation, registrations, and role assignments.


ProFly provides fully integrated travel logistics software, handling ticket bookings, airport pickups, and drops, while offering personalized services for attendees. We also offer live reports on travel status. With us, your event attendees can experience seamless travel, allowing you to focus entirely on ensuring the success of your event.

Preview Room

Imagine meticulously preparing for your presentation, only to have it compromised by an inexperienced preview room team. We've engineered a state-of-the-art solution to ensure this never happens. Our advanced preview room is designed to be the ultimate test ground: if your presentation doesn't perform flawlessly here, it won't make it to your audience. This fail-safe system guarantees that your work will shine when it matters most.


Introducing an effortless way to captivate your audienceour streamlined newsletter tool! Designed with simplicity in mind, it enables you to engage your target audience with just a few links and clicks. No special skills are necessary, and full customization is at your fingertips. Crafting your content has never been easier, thanks to our wide selection of adaptable templates. Get ready to connect and share with ease !

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"From Vision to Reality, Every Event Shines Bright"

Our story began in 2010, when we launched India's first 30,000 lumens HD projection in conferences in India. Until then HD was just a channel for television viewers. That changed everything. From pioneering HD projection to bringing advanced level of automation in conferences, ProMax scaled new heights in meetings and conferences all over India. Disruption has been a part of our planning. We always want to offer cutting edge technologically advanced solutions to our clients leaving them

ProMax incubated ideas and designed simplified solutions. That meant simplified processes. From solutions revolving around complex task of making scientific programe, to showing engaging content for viewers online. As an event automation company ProMax has successfully integrated technology with hardware. It has a wide range of solutions ranging from organising, an event onsite with great production planning to organising an online event with robust infrastructure. With rich diversified experience, it is at the forefront of many conferences and seminar. ProMax offers great solutions including a Studio which offers broadcasters a range of tools. It can deliver broadcast quality products in an instant. An affordable multicamera set up and state-of-the-art production facility is now within every ones reach. You can now launch your own creative content.

"ProMax is a gold standard of events, go ahead and scale new heights with our solutions."

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